After a great idea from Tim to send me to Poison Creek and thank to Joy & Arthur to shorten their trip a new easy route appears close to Luggate…Thanks Whitney for the great work you did too!

Everything is bolted, 3-4 pitches of 18-20m, easy grade, possible to do with mountaineering shoes if the climbers can deal with the 3 first meters of the pitch 1 😉

It’s a great place for instruction courses and beginners. 

2 minutes walk for the approach!

To be really nice it needs more brushing, a wind storm and heavy rain but it’s already more than OK to climb the route.

Check the pictures below for the route description…

Have fun! X

Route description

Pukekowhai Road with strange Pukeko’s

A bit of logging to set up a nice access

First ascent, Whitney looking for the best line 

Lots of brushing, logging, throwing rocks, getting dusted

Rope access work on one rope without helmet…

A bit of drilling/bolting

Job is done. We worked so hard…

… that we broke some tools & clothes…

… but by chance we didn’t run out of beers !!!