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Don’t need therapy or vaccination, just have to ride your bike !


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We are providing private guiding & coaching on local trails

The guide profession is an amazing way of life. It allows us to meet each other, to share intense moments while discovering and travelling through the most beautiful places on our planet. It is with gratitude that I have been an IFMGA mountain guide for more than 20 years, and I have recently added a new resort to my regular activities: professional bike guiding. What a privilege!

My local knowledge and my taste for discovery will allow us to live unforgettable moments.

The practice of mountain biking and E-biking requires a minimum of technical skills in order to cross easely and with calculated risks the obstacles present on certain trail sections. Some simple rules and agility exercises will give you more confidence and make your practice safer.
I propose a progressive methodological approach that will help you to increase your skills and your pleasure in cycling.

Xavier Fournier


The Enduro focuses on downhill and single trail riding. The DNA of mountain biking.



The E-bike offers great perspectives to cyclists. Discover new horizons!



Get the best advice on how to progress and feel confident on your bike. Enjoy!


MTB fitness condition rating

C1. Easy
<30km, <800m+, <1500m-

C2. Moderate
30-40km, 800-1200m+, +/-2000m-

C3. Advanced
40-60km, 1200-1800m+, +/-3000m-

C4. Difficult
>60km, >1800m+, >3000m-


IMBA rating systemPDF

STS Singletrail Skala

FFC Échelle de cotation françaisePDF

MTB technical difficulty rating

T1. Easy
Gravel roads or large paths. No technical difficulties. Some short, narrow or steep passages.
(« S0 blue » singletrail scale STS or « White circle » IMBA)

T2. Moderate
Singletrails with short technical sections. Roots, stones, small steps, sharp turns and some steep sections.
(« S1 blue – S2 red » singletrail scale STS or « Green circle – Blue square » IMBA)

T3. Advanced
Singletrails with frequent technical passages and obstacles – steps/drops/small jumps. Narrow paths, steep sections, 180° turns – switchback. Exposed passages possible. You may have to carry your bike.
(« S2 red – S3 black » singletrail scale STS or « Black diamond » IMBA)

T4. Difficult
Trails requiring a high technical level. Many exposed sections, many 180° turns – switchback, big drops, steep passages. Sections where you have to carry or push the bike.
(« S4 black – S5 black » singletrail scale STS or « Double black diamond » IMBA)

Your guide’s advices

As Swiss Cycling Guide, we know the value of good coaching and risk management.

  • We will help you to check, adjust and maintain your bike (tyres, brakes, stem, transmission).
  • Nice to wear protective gear, be assured (accident).
  • Try to properly assess your skills & your speed.
  • Give priority to hikers & be nice and polite 😉
  • Stay on the trail & preserve the nature, no littering.
  • Be gentle with rear wheel skidding & avoid shortcuts.
  • Close fences & consider the domestic animals.
  • In a few words: ride safe, have fun & leave no tracks behind you.

Happy riders with all the stuff they need !

Riding « as hard as » + bringing security, discoveries & fun = our missions.

  • Bring your favourite bike or rent it.
  • Helmet, gloves, protections, sun glasses are part of the game.
  • A small backpack is important (good back protection).
  • Take a fancy water/windproof  jacket and a sexy warm layer.
  • Don’t forget your lunch and drinks.
  • A mobile phone and a powerbank with the App EchoSOS is a smart way to call for assistance (144).
  • Take orientation tools if you are not guided (App SwissTopo).
  • Money for an ice cream, ID and transport documents for the shuttle.
  • A small repair kit, an inner tube and your specific medication might be helpfull.
  • By the way, you have to take your coronavirus emergency kit ;-)…
  • Be insured against accidents with mountain rescue and repatriation included. Cancellation and theft insurance is also recommended for trips.
  • Bring your best smile and a few beers for the « after-ride » party !

Do you need equipment? We can recommend friends who are cycling specialists:

Castella 2.0 in Bulle

Crossroad in Martigny

Neige Aventure in Nendaz

Ciclissimo in Uvrier

Enduro, E-bike, DH, Worldwide adventures, Local discoveries… We’ll be there.

X-MTB GUIDE certified rideologist