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Xavier Fournier
Rue des Follatères 6
1926 Fully, Switzerland

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Your time is precious! In order to guarantee a service as close as possible to your expectations, we generally work with groups of friends who have the same level or the same goals.
Quality and safety are the main values during our tours. We ride in small groups (1 to 6 participants max). Depending on your needs, we are happy to organise more professionals to lead you and to provide co-guiding (lead guide + tail guide, shuttle service with driver).

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MTB fitness condition rating

C1. Easy
<30km, <800m+, <1500m-

C2. Moderate
30-40km, 800-1200m+, +/-2000m-

C3. Advanced
40-60km, 1200-1800m+, +/-3000m-

C4. Difficult
>60km, >1800m+, >3000m-


IMBA rating systemPDF

STS Singletrail Skala

FFC Échelle de cotation françaisePDF

MTB technical difficulty rating

T1. Easy
Gravel roads or large paths. No technical difficulties. Some short, narrow or steep passages.
(« S0 blue » singletrail scale STS or « White circle » IMBA)

T2. Moderate
Singletrails with short technical sections. Roots, stones, small steps, sharp turns and some steep sections.
(« S1 blue – S2 red » singletrail scale STS or « Green circle – Blue square » IMBA)

T3. Advanced
Singletrails with frequent technical passages and obstacles – steps/drops/small jumps. Narrow paths, steep sections, 180° turns – switchback. Exposed passages possible. You may have to carry your bike.
(« S2 red – S3 black » singletrail scale STS or « Black diamond » IMBA)

T4. Difficult
Trails requiring a high technical level. Many exposed sections, many 180° turns – switchback, big drops, steep passages. Sections where you have to carry or push the bike.
(« S4 black – S5 black » singletrail scale STS or « Double black diamond » IMBA)

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Rue des Follatères 6, Branson
1926 Fully, Switzerland

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+41 79 337 85 69